Finishes By Design | Fund It Forward
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Fund It

– Financing Your Future!

2018 has arrived and with the new year brings new opportunities. Finishes By Design launches our new Fund it Forward – Financing Your Future program. This program was created to benefit first time hotel buyers, buyers with less than perfect credit and our International clients seeking opportunities in the US. In order to keep the Hospitality industry growing, we feel everyone deserves the same opportunity. The process starts with locating the ideal property and securing the financing. Well, we are here to help!
There are so many buyers unaware of funding options available in our industry and many feel stuck with the limited resources they are offered. Finishes By Design has partnered with hotel owners, banking associates, Hedge Funds, Holding Companies,  family offices & private investors to secure funding for our valued clients. With our inventory of off market hotels and funding resources available, your success of ownership is right around the corner. Contact us today and we can structure a program to work for you.
If you would like us to consider your property for our Owner Financed Program and want to join our growing list of participating owners, please leave your name, phone number and email address on our contact page. We will contact you for additional information.
Let’s make 2018 the best year yet!